Grooming your rescue dog, can save its life!

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Grooming Your Rescue Dog Can Save His Life

Whether you are or an adult dog, one area that you should definitely pay attention to, is grooming. Did you know that matted fur can lead to skin infections, or that dogs can lose traction in their paws if you let their nails grow too long? By setting a grooming schedule and sticking to it, you can ensure that small issues aren’t allowed to progress to big ones, so that your dog can enjoy a happy and healthy life by your side.

Oral Health and Rescue Dogs

Good oral health in dogs can be achieved through a combination of You may be adopting a dog who has previously lived on the street or in less than ideal conditions in the years prior to being rescued. Therefore, it is a good idea to have your vet check the state of your pooch’s gums and teeth, to see if a professional cleaning or other treatment is required. At home, aim to brush your dog’s teeth every day, doing so no less than three times a week to avoid plaque buildup. You will need to use the right brush and a pet-safe toothpaste, so consult your vet about these products as well.

Keeping Fleas and Ticks at Bay

One of the best things about adopting a dog is giving it the chance to have various walks outdoors and the kind of free exercise that can be enjoyed through games like fetch or frisbee catching. However, it is important to safeguard your pet against potential dangers they can encounter outdoors. A will prevent diseases like Lyme disease, babesiosis and anaplasmosis (all of which can cause,_campaigns_and_policies/Get_involved/Consultation_archive/BVA%20Scottish%20Branch%20BSAVA%20VPHA%20-%20Views%20on%20Lyme%20Disease%20PE1662%20-%20FINAL.pdf). Your vet might recommend a flea and tick collar, which will need to be replaced regularly to be efficient.

Cutting Nails Short

If you are adopting a puppy, make it a point to trim its nails frequently, so you never give the quick (the red fleshy part beneath the nails) a chance to grow. Once the quick grows long, it can be impossible to cut nails as short as they need to be. Your dog’s nails shouldn’t be heard while he is walking on the floor. Nails that are too long can cause conditions like splayed feet and remove the natural traction of doggie paws.

Grooming and Skin Infections

Grooming involves being in close contact with your pooch. It involves shampooing, drying, and brushing your dog, all of which give you a chance to touch your dog’s skin and look out for potential problems like areas of hair loss, hot spots, and even bumps that should be seen to by your vet. One of the most important steps to take for healthy skin is keeping your pet’s fur in good, clean condition. By brushing fur avoiding knots and matting, you can keep skin under fur

Grooming will keep your pooch clean, and provide you with the opportunity to check for any health problems your dog may have. It is also a fantastic way to bond with your dog and allow him to trust and feel affection for you. If you come across anything that seems odd – including fur issues, excessive shedding, or bumps (whether small or large), see your veterinarian quickly, since early diagnosis and treatment will ensure that any conditions or illnesses can be stamped out.

Written by and with thanks to; Karoline Gore

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