Sue Phillips

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  • Manager
  • Rehoming and Fundraising Co-ordinator

I work with dogs all day every day,running my own dog grooming parlour and experienced people finding themselves in a position of having to re-home their dog and in some cases, i was able to help, having other people i knew, who had lost their beloved dog. Also i have been involved in dog rescues, in one way or another for years.

The sad situation with strays, was bought to my attention around 4-5 years ago and this was when i realised a local rescue was NEEDED and so the rescue was set up. Having around 1000 dogs a year collected off the street, in our area alone, around 80%-90% of which are reunited with their owners, it is the 10%-20% who are never claimed, that need our help. I joined forces with Niall and Liam Hastings and together with our amazing team behind us, we run Waifs and Strays Seeing a dog that has been adopted from us, in their forever home, so settled and happy, is just so very rewarding especially in comparison to what their fate could have been. On top of this, i myself am owned by six dogs and two cat’s, who i love so much, all from rescue, all with their own stories to tell, who love me in return, unconditionally.

Sue Phillips

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